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Travelling to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LPA), Spain

In the case that you want to present your paper in person, the following includes some useful information for travel to the Canary Islands. If you plan to come, of course you will have to check the news often due to Covid pandemic. For example, you must know that by now it is mandatory to wear a mask everywhere in the entire country, as a precaution. Please see current reports on the Spain Official Tourism website for further information.

Although you can reach the island crossing the sea by ferry, the most common option is travel by plane. The Code of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport is LPA. Is a small airport, so once you get there it will be easy to see billboards for taxis or buses to go to the city center.

The airport bus for travel to the city center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (a half-hour trip approx.) costs around 3 euros, to be paid to the driver when entering. However, it should be noted that currently you may only pay by credit card (visa, mastercard…) and not with cash, as a preventive measure against Covid pandemic.

The bus lines from the airport to the city center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and vice versa, are lines No. 91 (see the route here) and line No. 30 (route here); and until recently also No. 60 (now temporarily suspended). In general, they stop at the central San Telmo Bus Station, officially called “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (San Telmo)”, which you will reach in about 30 minutes (see route here), and at the Santa Catalina Bus Station, further to the northeast of the island, after another 15 minutes (see the route here). In addition to those two mandatory stops at these bus stations, they usually make other stops along the road (outside the station) and if you have any doubts about where to get off, ask the driver.


Getting to the congress venue, at the Obelisco Campus (Faculty of Geography and History, ULPGC)

The congress will be held at Obelisco Campus, Pérez del Toro Street, num. 1 (map here), Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Geography and History (Agustín Millares Carlo building), Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, near the city center.

Be careful if searching for more information, do not be confused with the General Headquarters of the ULPGC, or with other campuses of the same university (our Campus is not Tafira Campus!). 

The urban bus lines arriving to our Obelisco Campus are numbers 2, 11, 25, 81 and L3. If you need to check the routes of more urban buses, see this map. Note: buses in Canary Island are called “guaguas” or “guagua” in singular, usually pronounced wa-wa.

If you are looking for more maps, here is the Gran Canaria map, from the official Gran Canaria tourism page, with a good number of tourist brochures translated into nine languages, if you wish more information.

Hotels and accommodation

It is well known that the Canarian city enjoys an exceptional climate, since almost all year round it experiences warm temperatures around 20º C or 68.0º F (although sometimes it can be cooler than expected). For this reason, it is a tourist destination all year round, with huge hotel offers (including studios with kitchens). For example, see the official Canarian tourism page at this link. In addition, here are listed the following suggestions:

** Los Canaritos Guest House, well located to walk to the congress (5 minutes, aprox.).

*** Hotel Parque de Las Palmas, better known as Hotel Parque. It is in Parque San Telmo, very well located, quite close to San Telmo Bus Station, and about a 7 minute walk from the congress venue. It includes studios with kitchens. Eventually, seems to be temporarily closed.

*** Hotel NH, Playa de las Canteras, quite far from the congress venue, approx. 20 minutes by bus, but next the famous Canteras beach.

**** AC Hotel Iberia Las Palmas (ex. Hotel Tryp Iberia), Avenue Alcalde J. Ramírez Bethencourt, num. 8, relatively close, perhaps enough to walk to the congress headquarters in about 10 minutes.

***** Hotel Santa Catalina, historic hotel (opened in the year 1890), about 15 minutes walking from the congress place.


Here you will find some original photos of the Canaries

Promotional video of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



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