Credits (English)

  • Blog Author: Leonor Zozaya (Iatext/ ULPGC, Spain; CHSC, Portugal). Twitter: @LeonorZozaya
  • Editorial Board: Leonor Zozaya. 
  • Photographic credits: Leonor Zozaya (manuscripts from her personal collection). In cases where there is another authorship, it will be recognized, as in the Photo gallery, made by Micaela Rubio (ULPGC)
  • Special thanks: Astrid J. Smith (Stanford Libraries, USA) for her valuable help editing the English version. Twitter: @astridjsmisth 
  • Logo, poster & program credits: Leonor Zozaya.
  • Facebook & twitter account: Leonor Zozaya.
About the blog

This blog hosts information concerning the Congress on the History of Archives, Documents and Information (CHADI), referring to how texts and information were generated, transmitted, disseminated and preserved in the past. I also hope it can serve to give continuity to future conferences, or even to disseminate information on topics related to the history of the aforementioned archival matters.

About the congress

Director: Leonor Zozaya (ULPGC)

If you have questions please contact or

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